Diligence in our joint efforts matter

Rocky Mountain Resource Management (RMR) chose this past holiday weekend to deliver their quarry expansion proposal to BLM. See yesterday’s Post Independent article here.

As the article states, the proposal has not yet been released to the public for viewing, nor is the public comment period upon us regarding the proposal.

However, there are upcoming opportunities to participate in meetings and events. Your Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance will be sure to pass along info as opportunities arise for public comment and participation.

What can you do NOW?

  • Write to your Garfield County Commissioner – let them know about your concerns and your expectations from them.
  • Learn more about the BLM process.
  • Prepare the question/s that you will ask the BLM when the public scoping period arrives, examples here.
  • Keep talking with friends and family regarding this proposal, sharing information and be prepared to act.

Together we can make a difference! Love Glenwood Springs.

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