UPDATE: Volunteer efforts and Ambassadors

The Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance has been very busy of late.

One of our key action items was to categorize and organize volunteer efforts. Thank you to the over 210 people that offered to volunteer. We appreciate you! Many have been contacted and are assisting in efforts.

If you have signed up to volunteer and have not heard from us, please be patient and we will be in touch ASAP.  Thank you for your patience.

GSCA’s Ambassadors have also been active in educating people throughout our community and encouraging action. Volunteers have been blitzing their neighborhoods, visiting businesses throughout the community, visiting farmers’ markets from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and spreading the news in their daily lives.

We are grateful for the time people have been willing to offer while they learn more. Discussions often reveal that people hadn’t any prior knowledge of the mine expansion. Many times, people are aware, but didn’t realize the size of the proposition. The majority realize the negative impacts and want to act.

Right now, action comes in the form of diligence surrounding education and preparedness for uniting and speaking up when our public comment opportunity arrives.

Efforts are yielding results. There have been many concerned citizens and business owners who have signed the petition. A most sincere thank you for the support!

We have purchased bright and distinguishable t-shirts for Ambassadors to wear, bumper stickers have been produced (come get yours at the Tuesday Glenwood Market), and yard signs as well as posters will soon be printed for display throughout the community.

Please continue to keep this topic in front of family, friends and colleagues. We, a dedicated group of volunteers, will keep information flowing, continue with educational efforts and provide prompts for action.

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